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Digitize and Automate for Efficiency

How SammyOps drives productivity in fleets

Many studies show, a fleet managers spends upto 500 man hours a year on non-productive things like multiple follow ups, gathering information, and moving data manually between systems. 

The SammyOps application eliminates manual processes by setting up automatic tasks. Imagine how much more you could get done with that extra 1-2 hours that you will get back everyday!  

  • Automated scheduled maintenance tickets at custom service intervals
  • Automated compliance tracking
  • Set custom alerts for exception based management
  • Automated reports periodically pushed to you
  • One click VIN decoding


customize your fleet rules and alerts

Set the system to how you want.

Now no longer does the dog wag the tail. 

You have full control to set up your business rules including service schedules, driver check-ins, asset utilization, compliance with tasks, automated reporting, and exception based alerts. 

Manage anything from anywhere. 

Easy Set up

Upload your data for an easy set up and flex up/ down as you need to.

Setting up your fleet is no longer a massive data undertaking. With an easy upload feature and integrated VIN decoding, setting up your account is a breeze. Once set up, you can add/ delete assets or users as you and when you need to.

If needed, we are here for you. 

let sammyops keep you informed

With custom alerts and actionable insights.

SammyOps is designed to increase your productivity. Our solution is tracking all actions in real time and can alert you to exceptions. You can even set your own rules to be alerted to fleet events or incidents that are important to you.

Our elegant but powerful analytics dashboard gives you key insights at a glance. You can take pre-emptive action there itself or download the data for a deeper dive. You can have important reports  set to be regularly updated or emailed to you. We are creating SammyOps to be your virtual assistant.

Two thumbs up!!

“Our guys love it. No paper logs to fill, no tickets to write. Simple and easy app. Way better than our GPS provider portal. I really like how our drivers have taken to it. It’s a clean app that gets the job done. Makes it easy for us. Two Thumbs Up!.”

Construction Site Services Contractor

Replace Complexity with Simplicity


Better Visibility

Our asset management software gives you better visibility into your fleet operations. Through your digital workbench you can track who is doing what, where, when , and how. Having this visibility gives you the confidence to focus on growing the business.

All the information in one place

The big difference in making a decision vs an informed decision is having the right fleet information available in the most useful format. SammyOps places all your information in one easy to access place. You are never more than a click away from what you need anytime and anywhere.

Better Decisions

With detailed fleet reporting and advanced analytics, SammyOps enables better decisions bu giving you actionable insights to optimize your fleet. With historical data on utilization and spending, advanced analytic capabilities including forecasting, you can now make better decisions to cut your fleet costs. 

Employee Accountability

What gets measured, gets done. The same goes for fleet management and maintenance. Combining mobile technology with a user-first design, our app takes the pain out of everyday tasks. This gives you the ability to reward your best employees and train the ones that need support. Because SammyOps helps field operators do there jobs more efficiently, increase in their productivity has a multiplier effect on the business.


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