The Importance of Fleet Management

Improving Business Profitability and Safety through Fleets

The fleet management space is growing, and the industry as a whole is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent (Source: Yahoo Finance). Even as the industry moves forward, the responsibilities of fleet management continue to be challenging. The responsibility to make safe equipment available where needed is indeed daunting. Everything from safety inspections, to operating requirements, to planned and unplanned maintenance needs present daily challenges.

There is a lot of discussion about advanced techniques such as machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) but we are many decades removed from the likes of technology seen in Terminators. However, the use of digitization and automation can drive efficiencies and productivity gains in fleet management.The chart below illustrates the adoption of technologies in fleet management across the US.

According to, “downtime costs fleet an average of $448 to $760 a day, per vehicle.” This is only reflective of delivery fleets. If you operate a mixed fleet or include diverse machines in your fleet, your costs are even higher. Regardless, the bottomline is that if you do track and maintain your fleet properly, you have hard costs eating away your profitability. This operational inefficiency could be the difference from your end of year profits being in the black or the red.

Not only does improper maintenance of fleets affect your bottom line, but it also raises business risk. Your operators and the larger community they operate in are all affected when a poorly maintained piece of equipment fails. The 2018 Driver Safety Risk report estimates that “the average cost of a loss related to a fleet vehicle accident is approximately twice the cost of an average workplace injury.” Safety is both a financial and emotional concern within a business, and it is important to maximize the safety of your fleet.

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The Importance of Fleet Management

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