fleet management

Reducing Fleet Risk in a post-Covid World

The reality of post Covid 19 is here. Even if we were one of the fortunate ones not directly affected by the pandemic, the hard fact is that everyone of us has been affected in some shape or manner. Fleets are being asked to update their procedures post Covid. If your fleet operators have any […]

Three Actions Fleet Owners can take Now to Get Stronger

Given the economic uncertainty driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, these are incredibly stressful times for fleet owners and managers. We did a quick survey of accomplished fleet managers and summarized their advice into the following three recommendations: Prepare now The only good time to start preparing was yesterday. Unfortunately, many fleets operate in a “reactive” […]

Is it 1972 already? The Drawbacks of Paper Logs

  Today’s world revolves around the idea and implementation of digitization, the process of taking something from a physical form and transforming it into the digital form. This has been applied to many industries over the past 20 years. Now we are beginning to see broader adoption of digitization in the trucking industry. One of […]

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