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SammyOps is a smart Platform


SammyOps is a mobile app-based smart fleet management platform – with end-to-end fleet capabilities. SammyOps digitizes and automates your processes with a simple to use and quick to deploy solution. We deliver better visibility into your fleet needs, accountability to get things done, and actionable intelligence to cut costs. Best of all, SammyOps does not require any hardware purchases nor installs. Save money from the get go.

Mobile App based

No hardware needed. No installations to plan. No IT integrations to manage. Just download the app on any smartphone or in-cab tablet for the best in fleet management. 

Daily Vehicle Inspection Report

Digital DVIR

Strengthen safety practices with digital daily vehicle inspections. No entering data in two places because SammyOps automatically creates a service ticket for any issues identified in the DVIR. All DVIRs are searchable by asset and operator details. 

You can also create and implement your own post-trip checklists. Have the equipment prepped and ready for the next shift.

Service Tickets & Tasks

Set your maintenance schedules down to individual assets and the system automatically creates service tickets for upcoming maintenance. Additionally your operators can easily create service tickets for ad hoc/ in-field requests. Become aware of issues before they become expensive hard down repairs.

Be alerted to skipped maintenance

Track consumption and optimize

Utilization Tracking

Track utilization including odometer, hours of use, fuel consumption and spending at the asset level. Set rules for operator behavior and be alerted to process violations in real time. Improve equipment performance, operator compliance and cut down on costs.

Driver Assignments

With a digital check in/ check out system, no need to pre-assign drivers and equipment. Easily see who is operating what/ where. Add new assets, assign drivers, make changes from one dashboard.

improve operational flexibility

equipment history in one place

Equipment Cost Records

Now capture, maintain, and access the complete equipment records (usage, repairs, expenses, inspection certificates, and other) in one place. With make more informed decisions by having more time to work with equipment history rather than spending time collecting it.

Document Management

Take the stress of managing paperwork out. Manage all vehicle documentation including title, insurance, registration, state inspections, one place even if you switch location/ drivers…..Be alerted to documents expiring. SammyOps automatically pushes the relevant document information to the right asset.

cut down the stress of paperwork

streamline communication and tracking

Communications, Tasks & Alerts

Stay in touch with Drivers/ Operators from the in-app communication features. Set tasks, alerts, reminders and much more….Easily engage your Operators/ Drivers with key tasks needing action by them. The system tracks compliance for you….allowing you to focus on the important.

Actionable Insights

SammyOps puts your data to work for you. The integrated advanced analytics and reporting capabilities ensure that the system is extracting insights from your operations. You can also share these insights and reports with others through roles based permissions. 

beyond insights to intelligence


Replacing complexity with simplicity. 

No hardware purchases/ No IT projects to manage…..

Better visibility

SammyOps brings together your people, your equipment, and your processes in one platform, giving you visibility into your fleets' needs.

Simple to

Sammyops is designed for people by people. An easy, intuitive interface coupled with intelligent technology to make your day easier.

Powerful analytics
at your disposal.

SammyOps makes your data work harder for you. We enable you to use actionable insights and cut costs.

Stay on top
of your fleet needs.

SammyOps helps you eliminate downtime by helping you implement best practices and track compliance.

Connect people
across locations.

SammyOps in-app communication capabilities make it easier than ever to stay connected with fleet stakeholders across the org.

Save Time
& Money.

SammyOps takes away the pain and hassle of fleet management. It becomes your assistant in helping you cut costs and achieve performance goals.

Get Returns in
as little as 3 months

Sammyops is quick to deploy with no disruption to your regular operations. No hidden costs and see returns on investment in 90 days.

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