Reducing Fleet Risk in a post-Covid World

The reality of post Covid 19 is here. Even if we were one of the fortunate ones not directly affected by the pandemic, the hard fact is that everyone of us has been affected in some shape or manner. Fleets are being asked to update their procedures post Covid. If your fleet operators have any level of customer or customer site interaction you have establish a tracker that your employees are operating with reasonable safety precautions. Unlike times past, a Covid-19 related service issue can put the entire business at risk. No insurance company will cover fleet for liability claims if one of your fleet operators is identified as a source of infection spread. Protecting your business is now a fleet responsibility.

Based on research and current thinking, here are three steps that every fleet should take to reduce business risk.

Disinfection Procedure: Providing fleet operators with additional PPE and ensuring disinfecting of fleets should be standard protocol. Providing your operators with masks, sanitizers, and disinfectants will surely add cost but is really an investment in risk mitigation. Operators should be encouraged to frequently use hand sanitizers especially if they are required to get in/ out of the cab in the course of operating the equipment and doing their jobs. Additionally, disinfecting the cab should be standard on Pre/ Post trip checklists. This is something best in class fleets are already implementing.

Temperature Checks: Every operator should have body temperature taken at start of shift. Ideally this should be done several times of the day and a log should be maintained. Many customer sites now require their vendors to maintain logs on body temperatures of any employee coming onto customer sites. To avoid being drowned by mountains of paper that this simple requirement can generate, technology solutions should be preferred.

Touch-less Fleet Management: Finally, if anything, fleets need to eliminate or at the very least, reduce the level of physical surface contact in between employees and equipment. This means eliminate paper as much as possible. The adoption of technology-based fleet management solutions will increase. Unfortunately, most solutions focus on the machine data and ignore the operator role. This is where the role of mobile app based solutions are a better choice because these allow the operator to be part of the process without the need for paper/in-person contact.

Are there any additional steps that you are taking to mitigate risk in your fleets? We’d sure love to hear them. Do share with us…..

Reducing Fleet Risk in a post-Covid World
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