Is it 1972 already? The Drawbacks of Paper Logs


Today’s world revolves around the idea and implementation of digitization, the process of taking something from a physical form and transforming it into the digital form. This has been applied to many industries over the past 20 years. Now we are beginning to see broader adoption of digitization in the trucking industry.

One of the most important jobs as a Fleet Manager is to have safe operating assets and hold your operators accountable. Paper logs when executed perfectly can be accurate, but in a realistic world these are often inaccurate, incomplete and never timely. Paper records lack effectiveness in three primary variables: Accuracy, Accountability, and Action-ability. This is where having a systems application such as SammyOps allows you to have quick access to up to date information. In understanding what drivers are doing, and what the current status of a fleet is, fleet managers are able to make more informed and profitable decisions. Paper logs can lead to increased downtime of a fleet as they create a lag between the time drivers log the information and the time that their manager sees it.

As a fleet manager, it is important to be able to find specific information in a quick, efficient manner. Paper logs make it extremely challenging, and time-consuming, to find specific information that could be the root cause of a business problem. Additional time is wasted when a manager has to navigate their way through thousands of logs just to find the information they were searching for. But with a software solution such as our SammyOps fleet maintenance app, you are able to find a service ticket, or vehicle status, in a matter of minutes. SammyOps ensures that each time the driver enters and exits the vehicle, they have to put in all of the necessary maintenance information. This ensures that there will be no missing information, and problems will be much easier to identify and fix.

Due to these and other factors, driver safety can be affected tremendously by delayed maintenance service. Our drivers should not have to face the dangers of bald tires, cracked windshield, or a brake system failing them. This not only restricts the drivers’ ability to drive but endangers every vehicle around them as well. Fleet-based companies have the responsibility to keep their drivers safe, and proper fleet maintenance should be paramount. Non-fatal accidents by commercial drivers in the United States have an average cost of $70,000. Thus, having a high number of accidents can make or break the profitability of a business, not to mention the reputation costs that come along with it. Paper logs have been an essential tool for fleet-based businesses for many years, but SammyOps is the future and it is time for businesses to adapt.

Is your business still using paper logs? Are you interested in implementing a simple, low-cost maintenance solution? SammyOps is the only solution out there that does not depend on having GPS trackers to make it work, keeping installation costs minimal while providing a great return on investment. No matter the size of your fleet, SammyOps provides the tools you need to improve your operational efficiency in a simple, easy to deploy manner. Request a demo today

Is it 1972 already? The Drawbacks of Paper Logs

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