SammyOps fleet platform

Simple yet powerful
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Smart end-to-end Fleet Management

Sammy Ops is a mobile app based fleet Management platform that delivers better Visiibiility,accountability and optimizatiion to mixed fleets.

Get Set and start using the same day.


Operator Mobile App

Field operators use our simple to use, intuitive mobile application to replace paper logs, paper forms and manual processes. The app (available for both iOS and Android devices) can be downloaded to any smartphone or in-cab tablet. Making use of the smartphone capabilities including in-built GPS, camera, voice to text, alerts, and messaging; SammyOps makes it super easy for your field operators by eliminating the pain associated with old school processes. Your team is engaged, productive and you are on top of things as they happen.

Fleet Manager Workbench

SammyOps provides you a dedicated portal as the command central for your fleet. This dashboard serves as your “Workbench”. You can see real time updates as they happen, reports and analytics when you need them, and you can add/ remove assets and users as you need to. All your fleet details including documents, equipment history is all stored in here. Best of all, this Workbench is accessible to you from any internet connected device. 

No Tracker Needed

SammyOps is designed such that you do not need to buy any expensive trackers for it to work. It is hardware “independent”. In other words, you save on not having expensive trackers, save on installation charges, and no worrying about damages and replacement. 

But what if I already have trackers? No worries, SammyOps can bring your data in from your existing trackers using data APIs. We can work with your existing trackers (GPS/ Telematics) or offer a combined solution with one of our partner hardware provider. 

Cloud based Platform ~ No IT integrations

With a cloud based design, your data moves fast powering your business. You do not need to move data from siloed data warehouses or servers. As data gets updated it moves to the cloud and then from there it is pulled into whatever downstream application its needed for. No need to request IT resources for data integrations to be done, no downloading excel files, running off line analysis or struggling to make data available for other applications.

SammyOps frees you up to focus on your fleet.   

Customize to Your Business Needs

The SammyOps platform is designed to be adjusted to your needs. Fleet Managers can set business rules and create digital processes for their unique business needs. Using a click and select functionality you can quickly tailor inspection forms, check lists to your needs. You can set scheduled maintenance intervals to your requirements or update service schedules as you need to. No more forcing a round peg in a square hole. 

Set Up and Start Using the Same Day

Fleets can be challenging. Fleet Management should not be. SammyOps makes it super easy to get set up. When you sign up, you can upload your fleet details (Asset ID, VIN #, Office address) and user details (first name, last name) to your account. This then allows your users to download the app and sign in for on-boarding. The initial training is 9 minutes and can be administered in person, over the phone or virtually through the Workbench.   

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