How it Works

How it Works

SammyOps is a mobile app-based smart end-to-end fleet management platform.

No hardware, no tracker, no IT projects to deal with. Sign up, download and get started.

Operator Mobile App

No hardware needed. No installations to plan.

Just download the app on any smartphone or in-cab tablet for the best in fleet management. The simple and easy to use app means that your team will be more productive and efficient. Capture the information you need, eliminate paper, and unnecessary phone calls.

No Tracker Needed

That's right. No hardware to purchase, no installs to manage. 

We save you money even before you get started. SammyOps does not require any GPS/ Telematics trackers. You don't even have to pull equipment off-route nor manage installation schedules. You can be up and running the same day. 

Fleet Manager Workbench

Go beyond dots on a map, get intelligence!

All your information in one easy to access place. SammyOps gives you the capabilities to manage your assets from acquisition to disposal. Everything from utilization tracking, services management, expense reporting, document management, and powerful reporting all in one seamless platform.

Cloud based Platform

Access your information anytime, anywhere.

SammyOps makes your data work for you. Using the power of cloud and mobile technologies, it helps you to optimize your operations. Data from one part of the operations informs and streamlines subsequent actions. And with a robust reporting and analytics function, you can eliminate downtime and cut costs. 

Customize to Your Business Needs

Free up your time to focus on the things that matter.

SammyOps is a smart platform – automate the mundane and set the rules to what you want to prioritize. It tracks your priorities and send reminders/ alerts before things become past due. 

Easy Set up

Getting set up on SammyOps is as easy as signing up for a movies streaming service. 

Just sign up for an account, upload your asset and user information through your account settings and have your users download the app. That's it. You are all set up and can start using the platform. 

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