Digitize and Automate for Efficiency

SammyOps drives visibility, productivity, and compliance in fleets

Eliminate manual processes by setting up automatic tasks.

Imagine how much more you could get done knowing there are no hidden surprises.

Automated Compliance Tracking

Automated Scheduled Maintenance

One-click VIN Decoding

Custom Alerts & Reminders

Automated Reports & Insights

Your business, your rules.

Simplify fleet management, control costs.
You have full control to set up your business rules including service schedules, driver check-ins, asset utilization, compliance with tasks, automated reporting, and excep- tion based alerts.

If needed we are here for you.

Easy set up and pay as you go.

Connect anytime, anywhere.
Setting up your fleet is no longer a massive data undertaking. With an easy upload feature and integrated VIN decoding, setting up your account is a breeze. Once set up, you can add/ delete assets or users as you and when you need to.

Manage from anywhere.

Custom alerts and actionable insights.

Customize your fleet rules and action items.
SammyOps is designed to increase your productivity. Track all actions in real time and get alerts to exceptions. Our elegant but powerful analytics dashboard gives you key insights at a glance.

SammyOps is a Smart Platform

Features and Capabilities

Tracking Reports

Track odometer (miles or hours), location for fleets with or without GPS trackers.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Set and track PM schedules by category at asset level and cut non-compliance.

Share Information

Share information and reports based on job requirements through the rules based permis- sion set up.

Inspection Reports

Strengthen safety practices with clickable daily inspection reports. Get service tickets from the report.

Tasks & Alerts

Easily engage your Operators/ Drivers with key tasks and alerts requiring action on their part. Track and manage compliance.

Fuel Card Integration

Capture fuel card use for corpo- rate card through API integration and track, manage, analyze usage behavior.

Driver Communications

Stay in touch with Drivers/Opera- tors from the in-app communica- tion features. Set tasks, alerts, re- minders and much more.

Driver/ Vehicle Assignments

Easily see who is operating what/ where. Add new assets, assign drivers, make changes from one dashboard.

Location Management

Create location specific profiles including vehicle and driver as- signments. Manage locally while still having oversight.

Service Tickets

Allow your operators to easily create service tickets from in the cab. Deal with issues before they become expensive repairs.

GPS & Telematics

Easily integrate your fleets’ GPS/ Telematics information through APIs for single source of truth.

Vehicle Cards

Manage all vehicle documenta- tion including title, insurance, reg- istration, state inspections, etc.in one place even if you switch loca- tion/ drivers.

Gas Fill Up Tracking

Set rules for gas fill up and be alerted to process violations in real time. Improve operator com- pliance and catch fraud.

Manage Teams

Easily manage your team of Fleet Managers/ Operators/ Drivers/ Me- chanics from the dashboard.

Service Issue Logs

Maintain detailed logs for review and audit needs with comments, photos, videos, and date stamps as needed

VIN Decoding

Use your VIN when adding fleet to capture critical equipment data.

Vehicle and Operator Logs

Easily maintain digital logs of ac- tivities and actions at vehicle and at driver level.

Complete Equipment Records

Now capture, maintain, and access the complete equipment records (usage, repairs, expenses, inspection certificates, and other) in one place.

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