Driver Shortages 2019 and beyond

Enough has been written about the tight labor market, shortage of fleet drivers, and the challenges of recruiting in this low unemployment economy. As per the American Trucking Association, we will be short 175,000 drivers by 2026 (source: . Here is a great visual from ATA

Driver Shortage Chart US


When looking to address the challenges of recruiting, a common adage of marketing is very applicable here – word of mouth from existing customers is the best source to bring in new customers. So a key question for fleet leaders to ask is, how passionate are their current Operators/ Drivers with their on the job experience? We know that for employees who spend a vast majority of their time on the job in the cab, providing them with an outstanding in-cab experience is going to be critical.  Anything that can be done to minimize the ask on the Operator/ Driver for logs, reports, and other fleet information will improve their perception of the in-cab experience. Plus it’s beneficial for the company as any time saved by them not having to spend time updating logs, is time spent on revenue generation.

We know that for now, we need the Operator to provide critical data on the fleet such as the daily vehicle inspection report, incident report, etc. We took this into account in designing our solution. We did several ride-alongs to understand the day in the life of an Operator, talked at length to several fleet managers across the country with varying fleet sizes to come up with It is the first solution designed for fleet owners by fleet owners. We recognize that no matter how intelligent machines get, we need the human element to make them run smooth. Try it out and let us know what you think. 

Driver Shortages 2019 and beyond
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