Covid-19 and Customer Mandates

Covid-19 imposes new processes

As more and more businesses adapt to the new reality of Covid-19, new business processes are emerging at every new turn. For every business, with on-site employees, recording employees’ body temperature and maintaining a log is now a reality.

Why is this important?
There are both workplace safety and business liability issues here. First and foremost, we must provide our employees a safe and healthy workplace. By recognizing the threat of Covid-19, we not only reassure our employees that we stand for safety in all that we do, but we also put our commitment to action by instituting new protocols. This part is easy and clear. The risk issue is complex. While the US Congress is debating employer liability protections, we need to put our risk mitigation plan. And best practices today point to tracking employees for symptoms.

How does one deal with the logistical challenges when the employees are mobile and remote?
If you are like most organizations today, you are perhaps using paper/ pen to maintain logs of employees checking in at the start of their shift. As with all things paper, this poses compliance problems. Especially if your employee base is mobile and remote. How does one maintain a paper trail that is both accessible and accurate should the need arise?

This is where SammyOps steps in.

Put SammyOps’ agility to work for you.
SammyOps mobile app now offers a daily Covid-19 check-in screen. From the convenience of their remote locations or even on-site, employees can input their body temperature and absence of Covid-19 symptoms right into the SammyOps app. With our cloud-resident platform, you now have instant access to every employee’s record when you need it. You can also be alerted should an employee, not check-in or worst yet, flag possible coronavirus infection. The real-time capabilities ensure that you can be in control of the situation and mitigate any risk to the business or your employees. Additionally, the data is stored for future access should there be an issue down the road.
Best of all, this feature comes bundled with your subscription at no extra cost.

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Covid-19 and Customer Mandates

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