3 Things about Accidents

One word you never want to hear as a fleet owner is “crash”….fortunately, we are not using the word in that context either. But when we talk of uptime, the word can be equally unnerving. So let’s talk about the three things that can crash your uptime numbers and put a hole in your repair & maintenance budget.

  • Not keeping your Operators on task for that scheduled maintenance: The excuse is not uncommon, “do you want me to complete the deliveries, or go info for the repair?” We’ve all heard some variation of this. The implication is that fleet maintenance is secondary to whatever else the driver needs to do. But you know that an efficiently operating fleet is critical to the organization’s mission to deliver revenue and customer service. Unfortunately, many fleet owners are not able to maintain compliance with PM schedules as a top priority. As PMs get delayed, it creates operational risk and more expensive breakdowns. Ensuring that fleet vehicles are maintained as per the prescribed schedule of maintenance will actually make the company money – not only by avoiding unexpected expensive breakdowns but also ensuring a higher uptime. As every fleet head knows, uptime is revenue.


  • Not knowing what’s that clattering sound in the cab: When your fleet Operators do not have a good way of reporting in seemingly small issues, you are running the risk of one of these issues festering into an expensive repair. Most fleet solutions are great about collecting data but they leave out the voice of the most important asset – the operator. If the Operator is able to communicate proactively with the fleet manager about seemingly small things; an experienced fleet manager can factor in that piece of intel into their maintenance planning; in the process saving on “unexpected” expensive repairs and budgets.


  • Not having past equipment records when reviewing current maintenance needs: We all have been there. We are discussing a quote with a mechanic and we wish that we had all the past maintenance records so that we could really resolve what’s going on with the machine. This gets even more challenging if we are dealing with remote fleets and remote repair shops. The days wasted in going back and forth add up to real losses in dollar terms. Did you know that every day of downtime costs approximately $800 in lost revenue, time and salaries? It is very important to have a fleet solution that makes it easy to access all equipment record in one place.

If you have found any interesting hacks for dealing with these 3 things, please leave us a comment.


3 Things about Accidents
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