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1 in 5 

Annual vehicle accident rate for commercial fleets in the US


Average business losses for every non-fatal accident 


Average annual savings for SammyOps customers with 100 vehicles

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Mixed Fleets, No GPS:
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Whether you have a mixed fleet, or have no GPS; either way it’s no problem. Our fleet tracking solution works in either case. Now no more paying for expensive GPS trackers nor pulling equipment off routes while waiting for a technician to come by and install these trackers. SammyOps is a mobile app that sits on your drivers/ operators smart phones (or in-cab tablets) and can track your usage and maintenance needs. It takes minutes to set up and you can start using it the same day.

Simple and Easy…..that’s how we believe things should be. (Oh by the way, those pesky GPS trackers sometime stop working or break down…..pay for another one, pull your truck off route again….. we think not!)

What Our Customers Say About SammyOps

Our guys love it. No paper logs to fill, no tickets to write. Simple and easy app. Way better than our GPS provider portal. I really like how our drivers have taken to it. It’s a clean app that gets the job done. Makes it easy for us. Two Thumbs Up!
Manager NTR
I don’t have to go asking for recent information or waste time waiting for reports to be pulled. I can see everything in one place – which trucks are out, who is in which vehicle, have access to completed pre-trip inspection reports, and be alerted to service tickets. Gives me my day back.
Earlier I had no easy way to be alerted to missed maintenance. Imagine going without an oil change and the only way you find out is when the engine seizes up……nasty surprise. Now with visibility into daily activity and alerts important issue, I am free to focus on revenue.
Construction Site Services Company

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